Destroyer misses out on Challenge Cup double at final hurdle

It’s been a few weeks since the BWPPA British 10-ball Championship. I’ve had time to reflect on what was a solid campaign.

Chris Brown was my first opponent in the main event, I beat him 6-1, that helped me settle into the tournament. Tony Southern was waiting for the winner. It was a good match which Tony took 7-4. In the end a couple of mistakes cost me the match.

Into the one-loss side of the draw then and a match against Craig Welsh, I managed to capitalise on his mistakes this time and win 6-4. Dave Beaumont was next. To be honest I was running out of energy and it told. I lost 6-0.

Onto the qualifier for the last spot on the Great Britain Nation-Continental Cup team. 4 players entered myself, Dave Beaumont, Craig Welsh and Danny Luton. The winner of the tournament joins Daniel Lee, Roy Kimberley, Tony Southern and Aslam Abubaker at Barnsley in September to take on the Europeans. After a round robin to decide the seedings for the semi-finals, I drew Craig Welsh. It went the same way as my match against Dave Beaumont. I had no energy, and I was concerned about the battery on my wheelchair, although looking back it was fine, but it didn’t help. Craig beat me 7-1, but had to forfeit the final due to health reasons. Dave Beaumont is the last man on the team.


Into the British 10-ball Challenge Cup. Tony Southern was my opponent in the quarter-final. I received a 3 rack start. We shared the first 2 racks and in the end I closed it out nicely to win 5-3. In the semi-finals I played Craig Welsh for a fourth time over the weekend. Similar to the quarter-final I came through 5-3. Danny Luton was my opponent in the final, he completely shut me out, I think I missed 2 balls and he beat me 5-3. Out of the four finals I’ve been in that was the first one that I’ve lost. All in all it was a busy weekend and I played some good pool.

I’ve sent my cues to Steve Grice, he’s doing some cosmetic work on my Wayne Holmes playing cue and I’m having the butt on my Sanctuary 50” cue rounded as it was getting too weird switching from a round butt to a flat snooker style butt. Two BWPPA tour stops left this year, the Kamui 9-ball Shootout at Barnsley in September. It will be good to mix it with some of the big boys from Europe like Henrik Larsson and Jouni That, and then the Predator British 9-ball Championship in November at Aylesbury.

I’ve got a lot to play for still on the BWPPA tour, and it’s up in the air whether or not I can enter the World 9-ball Championship in Finland because the WPA have changed the criteria for the tournament for the first time ever.

Until next time, may the rolls be with you


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