Event news: Great Britain v Europe team event

It’s an exciting time for wheelchair pool. The BWPPA in partnership with Darren Appleton have recently announced a new team event the Nation-Continental Cup between team Great Britain and team Europe. Modelled on the Mosconi Cup, it’s an exciting time for the sport. A few years before I joined the tour there was a Europe v USA Rider Cup, I don’t think that’s been held for around 15 years.

The new event will be held at Escape Pool Bar Barnsley in September, alongside tour stop 4 of the BWPPA season. I hope this event helps to generate interest in the sport and encourages new players to get involved, in the way the Rider Cup and the Mosconi Cup inspired me to get involved.

The European team is

1. Henrik Larsson (Sweden)
2. Kurt Deklerck (Belgium)
3. Fred Dinsmore (Ireland)
4. Jouni Tahti (Finland)
5. Emil Malanowski (Poland)

The British team is

1. Daniel Lee (BWPPA rank no.1)
2. Roy Kimberley (BWPPA rank no. 2)
3. Tony Southern (BWPPA rank no. 3)
4. Aslam Abubaker (Wildcard)
5. Qualifier
I think the qualifying competition is going to be held over the same weekend as the BWPPA Talisman Billiards British 10-ball Championship in Aylesbury, with the winner claiming the fifth spot on team GB. Hopefully it generates interest. Obviously I would love to make team GB as it is a huge event. Looking at the event as a whole it is a great opportunity to grow the sport and I will do everything I can to help this event become the best it can be.

Well done to Darren Appleton, Roy Kimberley and everyone else involved in creating this event.

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