2015 BWPPA Predator Cues British wheelchair 9-ball Championship – First BWPPA title

BWPPA Predator Cues British Wheelchair 9-ball Championship – First BWPPA title

The disappointment of my performance at the BWPPA Kamui 9-ball Shootout in September, and the performances of both England teams in this year’s World Cup of Pool inspired me to hit the practise table hard. I also stood a great chance of finishing the season in the top 8 of the Main Event Rankings, which would be my highest ranking on the BWPPA Tour as previously the highest I got was #9


Also there was an outside chance that I could finish joint top of the Challenge Event rankings. So I had a lot to play for.


A week before the tournament (7th November) I was practising at Escape Pool Bar in Barnsley, when the motor on the right hand side of my electric wheelchair started making a noise. My practise session was cut short, and my mum came to pick me up. I rang Doncaster Wheelchair services first thing on Monday morning, and my chair was booked in for Tuesday. Thankfully my chair returned on Wednesday afternoon, with a new motor. The next day I had an hospital appointment, so I didn’t have chance to practise the week before the tournament.

Main Event 

I couldn’t get going in the Main Event, I lost 7-2 to Roy Kimberley and 7-2 to Danny Luton. I struggled all day to be honest.

Challenge Event 

I had the toughest first round match in the Challenge Cup I’ve ever had, Ireland’s Fred Dinsmore. Fred had just secured the no. 1 spot in the rankings. There were some shocks in the Main Event. Tony Southern, Daniel Lee, Roy Kimberley and Danny Luton made the semis in the Main Event, meaning everyone else was eligible for the handicapped Challenge Event.

I had a 2 rack lead over Fred before we broke off. In the first rack I had a great chance to go 3-0 ahead after he fouled, I cleared to the 9, but hit it too thick. Here we go again I thought. In the next rack Fred made a mistake and I regained my 2 rack lead. We shared the next 2 racks, so I led 4-2. In the next I had a pretty simple cut on the 9-ball for the match, but after struggling to get lined up because of a sofa at the side of the table I twitched…. 4-3.

I managed to get over the line in the next rack, with a great bank on the 8-ball. I came perfect on the 9-ball, I decided not to stun the white as I had on the two 9-balls I’d missed, and it worked!


I can’t remember  much about my semi-final against Craig Welsh, but it went hill-hill and he fluked the 7-ball and I thought he’d won it. He left himself a long 9-ball and took a flyer at it, missed and I managed to cut it in. I’ve lost a few hill-hill matches over the last couple of years, so it was nice to finally win one.
I was relaxed going into the final against Aslam Abubaker. I think, I was on such a high after those 2 great wins I let my arm go and enjoyed it. As always when you win, you don’t tend to remember a lot of the match, but when you lose you remember everything. I was just so pleased to finally win a tournament.
I’ve been on the tour over 8 years, I’ve always believed I have the ability to win, and maybe for the first few years I talked a better game than I played. 3 years ago I decided to only play one ranking event, and I practised for 9 months before the 2012 British Open, I reached the semi-finals in that event.
Tour Stop 2 of the 2013 season was the turning point though I’d say. Danny Luton mentioned something about my cue action, and it just clicked and since then I’ve had more control over my game, and that was when I truly believed it was only a matter of time.
Huge thanks to everyone at Escape Pool Bar in Barnsley, especially George. My mum for driving me here, there and everywhere, Jason Francis and Snooker Legends for the support over the last 4 years, Jimmy White for being on the end of the phone and Darren Appleton for the coaching both at Escape in Barnsley and the DVD’s.
Looking forward to next season already.
End of season rankings:
Highest Main Event Ranking:
Second in the Challenge rankings, might have topped the Challenge rankings, if I wasn’t ill for the Southern Open in March
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